What Is Champagne Lady Gaga?

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Brand celebrity collaborations are always a fun experience but such collaborations aren’t just for clothing and apparel. Some partner up with food and beverage brands. An example is the famous Champagne Lady Gaga.

The famous Champagne Lady Gaga is a collaboration between the star and the world-famous vintage champagne brand, Dom Perignon. This partnership led to Lady Gaga’s name on a line of rosé champagne and champagne vintages.

The line has three variations with varying flavor profiles and price ranges for every taste and budget.

Lady Gaga and Dom Perignon

Favorite vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon has collaborated with actress, singer, and global star Lady Gaga since 2021. The star has attached her name to a range of limited edition collector’s bottles of the brand’s beloved vintage champagne.

This partnership and collaboration between these two global names celebrate artistry and creative freedom. It centers around the determination to push oneself beyond limits to achieve artistic ideals, something Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga have in common.

Just like how Dom Pérignon follows strict standards in producing their classic vintage champagne, Lady Gaga gives her all in every project she takes on – whether it be music, acting, fashion, cosmetics, and more.

Lady Gaga Champagne: What Is It?

In 2021, Dom Pérignon unveiled its partnership with Lady Gaga with three limited edition champagnes: the Don Pérignon Rosé 2006 Lady Gaga Limited Edition, the Don Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Lady Gaga Limited Edition, and the Don Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Limited Edition.

  • Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006 Lady Gaga Limited Edition
Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006 Lady Gaga Limited Edition

The brand’s Rosé Vintage 2006 collaboration with Lady Gaga creates a perfect balance of chardonnay and pinot noir grape varieties that were grown and harvested right in France’s historical Champagne region.

Each bottle has a rich and complex blend of flavors and aromas. From the get-go, it’s dark and rich, giving you a blend of spices, almonds, and cocoa in that very first sip.

Then, the palate opens up to a world of fruity flavors of lemon, plumps, apricot, and orange for a tangy and refreshing swirl in your mouth. You can also expect notes of red fruits like raspberries and strawberries with a hint of roses on the nose.

The adventure finally ends with a briny and saline finish.

  • Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Lady Gaga Limited Edition
Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Lady Gaga Limited Edition

The Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Lady Gaga Limited Edition utilizes France’s premiere Pinot Noir grapes to give each bottle an exquisite blend of flavors and aromas.

From the first sip, you’ll notice a full-bodied but balanced blend of flavors. Think strawberries and cherries. The dark fruit gives it depth in flavor but it’s still bright and vivid. 

The sparkling and fizzy bubbles perfectly balance its creamy mousse and lemon thyme flavors. 

The scent is a burst of raspberries and strawberries with hints of powdery iris and violet. Of course, the blend of scents will not be complete with notes of fruity aromas.

  • Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Limited Edition
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Limited Edition

The brand’s 2010 vintage champagne collaboration with Lady Gaga features a medium to full-bodied profile of flavors and a pillowy and soft feel in the mouth.

It has fruity flavor notes and pearly mousse surprises with a saline finish.

Each pour of this vintage champagne has crisp fruit aromas of green apple, peach, and orange; iodine; and freshly baked bread. The smoky toasted brioche plays with your senses.

Its tasting notes include a blend of nuttiness, toastiness, and salinity that makes for the perfect toasting glass of champagne.

What Is the Dom Pérignon Lady Gaga Champagne Like?

The Dom Perignon and Lady Gaga champagne collaboration offers three variations of the favorite vintage champagne.

The flavor profiles of the three different bottles may vary but generally, all three kinds of vintage champagne offer a dark and medium to full-bodied blend of flavors. Though the flavors start deep and dark, the fruity and floral flavors and aromas will come eventually and may even surprise you.

These champagnes are fruity, fizzy, silky, dark, toasty, and often with a saline finish.

Who Makes Lady Gaga Champagne?

The Lady Gaga line of champagnes is a collaboration between the global star and the vintage champagne brand, Dom Pérignon.

How Much Is Lady Gaga Champagne?

Prices per bottle vary depending on the type of champagne you’re buying from the line. The place or online store from where you’re buying will also affect the final price you’re paying.

The 2006 and 2008 rosé vintage bottles range from $500 to $600 while the 2010 vintage champagne is cheaper than the two with prices playing around $250 to $350 per bottle. Of course, prices can change with time and demand. 


Champagne and celebrity stardom are two of the most popular things in the world right now. And if you combine these two global favorites, then you have yourself something to die for. That said, you might have come across “Champagne Lady Gaga” and would like to know more about it.

The so-called Champagne Lady Gaga is the global star’s collaboration with the vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon. The partnership between the two started in 2021 and has since then released a line of vintage champagnes with Lady Gaga’s name attached to them.

Lady Gaga’s line of vintage champagne includes three variations to choose from. The options also mean varying price ranges that can suit every budget.