How to Pop Champagne for Pictures?

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Do you ever wonder how to pop champagne for pictures? I have been in your shoes before. I used to envy those beautiful event photos where someone sprayed bubbly because I could not get the same results. But with constant practice, I eventually learned how to pop the bottle, and I will share a few tips below.

To pop champagne for pictures, you must slowly open the bottle. Cover the opening with your thumb and shake the bubbly. Then, move your thumb away from the opening and spray the champagne everywhere.

However, there is more to taking champagne popping pictures than learning how to open the bottle. Below, I will also teach you how to choose the right drink, shooting location, and posing techniques. I will also guide you on how to work with your photographer for a successful shoot.

How to Pop Champagne for Pictures?

Here is a step-by-step guide on popping champagne to get visually striking photos. 

Choose the Champagne Bottle

Choose the Champagne Bottle

First things first, you must pick the champagne bottle to pop. You can go for the traditional bubbly with a cork or a twist-off cap. 

But don’t dwell on it too much because there are no right or wrong answers here. You still get the same results once you pop the bottle.

That said, you might want to consider the price of the champagne. If you are on a tight budget, I recommend getting a cheap champagne bottle of Andre, Cooks, or Welch. But if you want a posh look, you can buy two bottles—one high-end brand and the other a supermarket choice. Then, swap the labels on the bottles and pop the cheaper drink (now with the expensive logo).

Planning to drink the champagne during or after the shoot? Then, buy at least one bottle of your favorite brand. 

I also suggest bringing extra champagne in case you did not pop the first bottle successfully. Communicate with your photographer about this, though, because some like to volunteer to get the backup drink. 

Pick the Right Shooting Location

After choosing the champagne bottle to pop, you can pick the shooting location.

For a wedding event or an engagement session, check with your wedding planner or the venue itself if you can wet the floor. Popping champagne is fun, but you must abide by the rules of the place.

Do the same thing when capturing graduation, ribbon-cutting, and other celebratory events. The last thing you need is security interrupting the shoot and forcing you to leave.

You must also be aware of other people near you. You do not want to spray the champagne where guests are sitting. So, make sure to look around before popping that bubbly bottle and taking that champagne photos!

Open the Bottle and Cover It With Your Hand

Open the Bottle and Cover It With Your Hand

With the champagne and location all ready, you can finally open the bottle cap. You may be asking, “Why should I remove the cork? Isn’t the bottle supposed to pop?”

Well, that’s a common misconception. When you take champagne popping pictures, you are not actually popping the bottle. Instead, you just make it seem like you did, so you have more control over the champagne spray.

To open the champagne bottle, remove the foil from the wire cage. Cut it with a knife to create a clean line around the neck of the container.

Next, hold down the cork with one hand. Then, use your free hand to untwist the wire cage. 

Slowly pull the cork out. If you bought a sparkling drink with a screw cap, twist it to open.

Finally, put your thumb over the bottle opening to prevent the bubbles from escaping.

Shake the Bubbly

Keep a firm thumb over the opening. 

Then, start shaking! 

Do not hold back. Shake the bottle vigorously until you feel the liquid attempting to escape.

That is my secret to popping champagne successfully.

Pop the Champagne Bottle and Spray

Pop the Champagne Bottle and Spray

While still shaking, move your thumb away from the bottle opening. The pressure inside the bottle will naturally cause the bubbles and liquid to come out. You will also hear a soft sound of air escaping, which is the champagne “pop.”

It’s now time to spray the champagne all over the place! Have fun while you are at it!

Pose and Smile

Sometimes, when too focused on opening the champagne bottle, you forget that you are actually being photographed. Do not look afraid or shocked when you finally pop the bubbly. You must expect it.

Remember to strike a pose and smile at the camera. You can also look at your partner (or friends, if it is a graduation shoot) and grin at each other while popping the champagne. 

Avoid overthinking your poses because it will show in the photos. Instead, do what comes naturally to you—your photographer will appreciate it.

Clean the Area After the Shoot

After taking the champagne popping photos, you can choose to drink the rest of the bubbly or cover it with the cap. If you go for the former, you can ask the photographer to take pictures of you while drinking. If you prefer to enjoy the drink later, you can simply capture some shots of the bottle. 

Finally, remember to clean the location after the photoshoot. Collect the top foil and the box (if any) that comes with the champagne bottle. Throw them away or keep the box as a token of remembrance. In short, leave no trace of trash behind. That is the least you can do for the venue when they allow you to shoot.

How to Hold the Champagne Bottle Before Popping?

Proper handling is key to popping champagne successfully.

When opening the bottle, hold it with your dominant hand. Use your other hand to remove the cork or twist cap.

Then, tilt the champagne bottle to a 45-degree angle away from your face and other people. Keep it in this position as you are shaking the champagne.

How to Coordinate Timing with the Photographer?

Sure, you know how to pop champagne like a pro. But that means nothing if you do not wait for your photographer.

Always communicate with them throughout the shoot. Wait for their directions on when to shake the champagne. That is because they first need to ensure the camera settings for popping champagne are ready.

Also, never assume what is included in the frame—only the photographer knows that. For example, you may think you’re in the center of the frame since the camera is in the middle of your line of sight. However, the truth could be the opposite. So, listen to your photographer if they tell you to move slightly to the left or right.


Popping champagne in front of the camera may seem daunting. But with the right practice and techniques, you can achieve that beautiful fountain of bubbly spray.

The first thing to do is open the champagne bottle. Use your thumb to cover the opening. Then, shake the bottle vigorously until you feel the liquid escaping. Release your thumb and spray the champagne.

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