A Guide on How To Take the Train From Paris to Reims

Here’s everything you need to know on how to take the train from Paris to Reims!

A Guide on How To Take the Train From Paris to Reims Featured Photo

Champagne lovers who wish to visit France’s historic city of Reims should be sure to include it in their travel plans. Many people come to see the network of subterranean caverns in the city, where champagne is held and matured until it is ready to drink.

Being very accessible from Paris via rail or bus, Reims is an easy day journey from the French capital. But the quickest way of travel to Reims is by train. So in this article, we’ll be answering your most frequently asked questions on how to take the train from Paris to Reims!

Is There a Direct Train From Paris to Reims?

Yes, you can travel from Paris to Reims without needing to transfer to a different train route. On average, there are about 18 direct trains from Paris to Reims every day. However, take note that there may be fewer direct services available during the weekends.

What Trains Run From Paris to Reims?

You can travel to Reims from Paris via TGV or OUIGO trains. Both are operated by France’s national railway company, société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF).

The TGV, or Train à Grande Vitesse, is SNCF’s high-speed train that links France’s major cities at speeds of up to 200 mph (320 km/h). TGV trains have snack carriages, free Internet, power outlets, and fold-down tables. There are two comfort classes available: First Class and Second Class. Both give you access to the Grand Voyageur lounge at select train stations.

Reims from Paris via TGV or OUIGO trains

OUIGO, on the other hand, is the low-cost brand of SNCF. All OUIGO seats are Second Class, and tickets can only be bought online. You may also pay for additional amenities such as extra baggage, having power plugs on your seat, and booking a spot in the ‘quiet area’.

How Long Does It Take To Travel From Paris to Reims?

The distance traveled by train from Paris to Reims is roughly 81 miles (130 kilometers). The TGV high-speed train, which arrives in Reims in as little as 45 minutes, is the quickest way to get there. However, depending on the day, the duration may vary. The average travel time is 1 hour and 5 minutes.

What Are the Paris to Reims Train Times and Schedule?

On weekdays, the first train leaves Paris at 06:58 AM. The final departure is at around 09:36 PM. On weekends, the trains depart at 07:58 AM from Paris, and the last train leaves Paris at around 09:28 PM. Times and train services may change during weekends and holidays, though.

All trains leave from Paris Gare de l’Est station.

Are There Cheap Train Tickets From Paris to Reims? How Much Do the Train Tickets Cost?

Train ticket prices vary depending on the time of day, route, and class selected, and often cost more if purchased on the day of travel. Train tickets are priced depending on demand, thus they get more costly as seats sell out and the departure date approaches. 

The cheapest train tickets are usually 7 days prior to the trip itself, but we still recommend you check and compare the prices on their website every now and then to save money. But definitely book in advance if you want cheaper train tickets. Trains in France are normally available for reserving three months in advance.

If you purchase a one-way train ticket from Paris to Reims during the next seven days, the price will be on average €22 ($26) as of the time this article was last updated.

Should You Stay Overnight in Reims or Go Back to Paris?

One of the great things about Reims is that it’s close enough to explore on a long day trip from Paris, and then head back to your Paris hotel later that night. However, Reims is a very cool city to visit and explore and it’s worth staying overnight at least for a night or two. There are some great hotels in Reims, as well as bed and breakfast options if you’re looking for something more quaint.

Bottom line, you can definitely get back to Paris on the same day if you need to. If you choose to make it just a day trip, I also recommend considering a guided tour with a driver to ensure you get the most out of your single day. If you’re taking the train, you could go and come back on the same day, but my recommendation would be to pick one of the great hotel options above to stay for at least one night before taking the train back to Paris.