List of Champagne Classes and Certifications

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Being a sommelier means being an expert in the wine, spirits, and food service industry. If you’re serious about earning the title and expertise, having a list of champagne classes and certifications is the first step.

Some of the best programs come from Champagne MOOC, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the Society of Wine Educators, and the International Sommelier Guild. Others prefer programs from the Wine Scholar Guild, the Court of Master Sommeliers, and the Sommelier Society of America.

These are some of the best programs and classes in the industry and make sure to choose one based on your needs, availability, and location.

Be a Champagne Master: What Are Champagne Education Programs?

A sommelier is a wine steward and expert. They are experts in the world of wine and varying aspects of wine service.

Sommeliers typically work in the restaurant and fine dining industry and assist patrons in all aspects of wine service and wine and food pairing.

A sommelier’s role may be broader than just wine and may encompass all services involving wines, spirits, beers, cocktails, and other beverages.

Being a sommelier in a high-end restaurant is on the same level as the chef de cuisine or head chef.

To be a sommelier, one must undergo extensive education, training, and years of experience.

This is where courses and certification programs like wine and champagne education programs come into play. These programs give students extensive knowledge at varying levels to learn about the world’s wine and champagne regions and varieties. These programs also help students develop their palate.

Why enroll in such programs to study champagne wines?

Education and certification programs allow aspiring sommeliers to get certified and begin working in the restaurant and fine dining service industry.

Some study these programs because of their love and interest in wines, champagne wine, and other spirits. These programs and what they teach will give students the necessary knowledge to expertly walk through the restaurant and dining scene.

Getting Ahead in the Sparkling Wine and Wine Industry: List of Champagne Classes and Certifications

If you’re interested in enrolling yourself in some champagne and wine classes and certification programs, consider these top options:

  1. Champagne MOOC

The Champagne MOOC is an online study tool and module curated by the Comité Champagne. The program is perfect for anyone – from wine and champagne lovers to buyers and merchants to sommeliers – who would like a convenient opportunity to further broaden their knowledge of France’s famous sparkling wine and be a professional in the champagne industry.

The course is offered in two options: free and paid. The paid version costs only €49. The massive open online course can be done in less than five hours and at your convenience everything is available on the platform 24/7.

The free version of the course includes all the basics of the champagne-making process, the history of the beloved sparkling wines all the way from France’s Champagne region, and expert notes on a champagne-tasting course. The premium pair version includes all those in the free version with extra videos and modules.

Both versions are available in different languages and subtitle options. It is important to keep in mind though that only the paid premium version allows students to download and receive a MOOC statement of completion.

  1. Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a global leader in providing educational materials and products that help wine connoisseurs build their knowledge and expertise in the field.

WSET offers students varying degrees of programs and courses. Anyone with zero experience to professionals in the industry with some level of knowledge and experience can find appropriate programs and courses. Students can choose from beginner courses and introductory classes to advanced and specialist-level modules.

WSET programs include written assessments, standardized tests, and tasting exams all conducted in accredited classrooms.

  1. Society of Wine Educators

The Society of Wine Educators offers various programs and courses that give students a wide range of study modules and lessons on the art of making and serving wine. It’s one of the most acclaimed and sought-after programs in the country.

Online courses and on-site lessons are available with tests, exercises, and tasting exams. A wide range of seminars and webinars are also available for students to access to further widen their knowledge and sharpen their expertise on the subject.

Members can access these lessons and modules for $135 per year.

Certifications for wine and spirits the Society of Wine Educators offer include the following:

  • Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)
  • Certified Wine Educator (CWE)
  • Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS)
  • Certified Spirits Educator (CSE)
  1. International Sommelier Guild

The International Sommelier Guild (ISG) offers both on-site and live classes and online learning options.

As the best sommelier educational body globally, the ISG has comprehensive and multi-faceted study guides and modules on the history of wine, the wine-making process, and the business side of it as well.

The ISGM program is a 90-week course that involves lessons, lectures, tasting, reviews, and exams that cover just about everything a student needs to be certified to work as an expert sommelier.

To add to these, students are required to submit a dissertation as well.

Lessons and modules are offered in different languages and include a total of five step-by-step courses.

  1. Wine Scholar Guild

Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) offers it all: online or in-person courses and study abroad programs.

Its certification programs let students choose and focus on three countries’ wines: France, Italy, and Spain.

Each choice of country and specialization has three distinct levels of difficulty of studies: Essentials, Scholar, and Masters (for France only).

WSG offers both instructor-led and independent curriculums as well as wine tours and immersion programs. All of these provide a comprehensive and expert level of education in all things wine and spirits.

  1. Court of Master Sommeliers

The Court of Master Sommeliers offers both in-person and online programs for aspiring and expert sommeliers. Whether you’re starting in the world of the art of winery or have some level of experience and expertise, they have the perfect coursework for you.

The Certified Sommelier Examinations is a series of four exam levels whose endpoint is the Master Sommelier (MS) Diploma exam. This exam is often described as the most challenging in the world, with only 255 people worldwide successfully claiming the title of Master Sommelier.

The Court’s program includes introductory, fundamental, and tasting modules and workshops all leading to the MS Diploma examination.

  1. Sommelier Society of America

The Sommelier Society of America offers the Sommelier Certificate Course twice a year.

The program includes lecture and theory classes on all the fundamentals of winery. There are also comparative tasting classes.

Classes can be done in their New York classroom. A remote option is also available for students to attend classes remotely. Remote students will get a list of wines to purchase separately.

The program, whether in-person or remote, ends with an in-person final exam including a blind tasting, all to occur in their New York classroom.


To be a sommelier, you must have undergone extensive studying and would have to pass exams and certifications to gain not only the title but also the expertise. In this case, you must have a list of champagne classes and certifications to get to that level.

Various organizations provide such programs but the best in the industry include Champagne MOOC, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Society of Wine Educators, and the International Sommelier Guild. Other sought-after programs also include those from the Wine Scholar Guild, the Court of Master Sommeliers, and the Sommelier Society of America.

These are only some of the best education programs available. Of course, check on availability and location to be able to choose which program to enroll in.