List of Champagne Tours in France

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France seems to have it all—the renowned food, high-end couture, and breathtaking landscapes that entice visitors. But nestled amidst its scenic countryside is a region with a sparkling secret: Champagne.

With prestigious Maisons de Champagne such as Dom Pérignon and Ruinart and sprawling vineyards that stretch as far as your eyes can see, it’s a paradise for wine lovers. There is a lot to see and learn, so I definitely recommend a guided tour of the Champagne region especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

In this post, I’ve put together a list of champagne tours in France so you can plan your next champagne trip. This post covers some of the big champagne houses where it’s usually easier to schedule visits especially if you plan ahead. But we also cover first a few guided tours that will take you around to multiple champagne destinations without you needing to drive.

Guided Champagne Tours that Visit Multiple Wineries

If you want a guide that will take you around to multiple wineries on a small group tour, check out some of my top recommendations below.

Reims Afternoon Tour of Epernay Region & Family Growers

I am a big fan of smaller grower champagne producers, many of which are family owned. Many of these smaller producers aren’t set up to manage tastings in English, especially at the last minute. So if you aren’t set on visiting a particular champagne house, joining a tour with a group like this can drastically simplify your trip organization.

Champagne Day Trip from Paris with 6 Tastings + Reims Cathedral

One really convenient thing about Champagne unlike most other French wine regions is how close it is to Paris. If you don’t want to deal with navigating the train or a rental car on your own, you can join a tour group like this one and still get the chance to see and taste wine from multiple champagne houses.

Popular Champagne House Destinations for Winery Tours in Champagne France


Champagne Pommery in Reims

To start it off, visit Champagne Pommery in Reims. Visiting Champagne House is truly a unique place where you can explore the stunning and spectacular cellars. But beyond that, exploring the vicinity gives you a premium art exhibit experience. Think of being mesmerized by Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Things To Do:

Explore 18 kilometers of underground cellars. Gallo-Roman crayères are chalky pits interconnected with galleries. The crayères were carved more than 2,000 years ago. Walking into the cellars means learning the history behind the immense pits.

Visit the Villa Demoiselle. It’s a great way to appreciate Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles manifested in the Champagne House’s architecture, cabinetry, and decor. Visiting the Villa Demoiselle also allows you to discover different arts and crafts like stained glass windows as well as murals by French artisans.

Join a private Champagne tasting workshop. Pommery offers a Master Class that will teach you the secrets to making their Champagnes. You will experience the great cuvées of Maison Pommery with a sommelier: Pommery Apanage Brut, Pommery Grand Cru Royal Vintage, and Cuvée Louise Vintage.

Champagne Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger offers some of the best tours in Champagne France. What makes this Champagne House stand out is its magnificent façade in Aÿ. It is simply beautiful and comes with two staircases that serve as a division between the winery and the cellars.

But Bollinger is more than meets the eye. The Champagne House will give you unique experiences once you explore their cellars.

Things To Do:

Wine tasting. Champagne Bollinger offers a unique wine-tasting experience featuring 5 different Champagnes. The friendly Champagne tour guides will walk you through Bollinger’s special and unique methods of wine-making.

Discover the cellars. When you go into the cellars, you’ll have to go through 6 kilometers of passageways but it’s worth it. In this section, there are 11 million bottles of Champagne being stored.

But what makes many visitors so fascinated about the cellars is that there are additional 750,000 magnums of reserve wine stored by the village of origin as well as vintage by vintage.

Fun fact: Those were wine bottles from 1830 that the Bollinger family had no idea were in the “hidden room” until 2010. An intern was tasked to clean up the cellars only to discover a stock of antique bottles concealed behind a wall of empty bottles.

Champagne Bollinger rarely opens their doors for visitation. You better book a month in advance, though. To check availability and rates, visit their website.

Champagne Le Gallais

Champagne Le Gallais

Champagne Le Gallais is a wine lover’s dream. Their La Terrasse Des Abbayes (terrace) will give you a 180-degree view over the Champagne vineyards and the Château de Boursault and overlooks the Marne Valley. Most of the activities include Champagne tasting.

Their guided Champagne tours are perfect for workshops, team building, and even if you just want to explore around.

Things To Do:

Indulge in wine tasting. You can enjoy three Champagnes while enjoying the panoramic view of the Marne Valley’s vineyard. This is a great way to really appreciate the lush in the Champagne region.

Have a look at the facilities. The guided tour will show you around the Champagne House’s facilities, including their modern pressing technique, tank room, and cellars. Included in the tour are three Champagne tastings.

Join a private masterclass. Do you want to be a Chef de Cave for a day? You can take part in their master class, which covers an introduction to winemaking as well as the secrets of their viticulture.

Plus, you can visit the Clos du Château de Boursault and taste the wine at various stages of production. This tour also gives you a tasting of three Champagnes.

Champagne Le Gallais’ master class reservation, however, is subject to validation. To check availability and rates, visit their website.

Billecart Salmon

Billecart Salmon

Located in the town of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Champagne Billecart-Salmon was born out of a wedded couple and has survived 7 generations that share the same passion for enology. One of the highlights of the family-owned Champagne House is its French-style garden and a 100-year-old horse chestnut tree.

From exploring the vineyards and cellars to tasting their finest wines, Billecart -Salmon is one of the best venues for Champagne tours in Champagne France.

Things To Do:

Explore Clos Saint Hilaire. This is the cuvée de prestige and one of Billecart-Salmon’s most popular plots. Most of the grape varietals grown here are vinified to make their most exclusive cuvées.

Tour the estate. You can start by visiting their cellars and exploring their Champagnes which are fermented in oak barrels and steel tanks. In cellars, you’ll also get to see the Le Clos Saint-Hilaire being fermented in a center-stage position.

Explore the chalky tunnels. For many who have visited Billecart-Salmon, the most exciting part of the tour is the chalk tunnels. The tunnels were built in the 17th century, which adds a sense of history to the overall experience.

You might feel a somewhat somber ambiance as you walk through the tunnels since it is dimly lit and chilly. But it is exactly this unique atmosphere that makes it fascinating.

Wine tasting. You can’t end the tour without tasting Billecart-Salmon Champagne. The family has a summer house where you can taste their creations. You can start with lighter wines and build up to heavier wines that stay on the palate. During wine tasting, you’ll also get to learn about the different grape varieties they use.

That said, not everyone is lucky enough to book a tour with Billecart-Salmon. Champagne tours are available upon request and you may need to book it 6 months ahead, so good luck!

To check their rates and slots, visit their website.

Best Day Tours in Champagne France



Canard-Duchêne lies in the heart of the Reims Mountain vineyard. Visiting the Champagne House and discovering their wines’ distinct characteristics are a great retreat if you opt for a Champagne day tour.

A true embodiment of oenotourism, one of the best things (at least, in my book) about paying a visit to the Champagne House of Canard-Duchêne is the full-life yoga classes offered. But there is so much more to enjoy beyond that.

Things To Do:

Explore the estate by electric bike. This is a good way to appreciate nature and its blessings. Go on an adventure with an electric bike and love on the lush of Ludes. You’ll be able to witness the beauty of the first Cru village situated in the heart of the grapevines on the Reims Mountain hillsides.

Following the bike ride, you will get served with 2 flutes of Champagne. After that, a tour guide will walk you through the cellars to learn about their terroir and the iconic Pinot Noir grape variety. Included in the tour is also a guide on the secrets of crafting their cuvées.

Enjoy aperitif boards. If you’re going on a group tour, this would be perfect. The boars are ensembled with delicious, sweet, and salty delights that pair well with your bubbly of choice.

It’s sort of like a picnic, but with prized wines with friends under the canopy of trees of the Domaine while the sun and a light breeze kiss your face.

Recharge. Canard-Duchêne offers yoga classes that help you reconnect with nature. It’s done in their magnificent centenary park, in a beautiful panorama between vines and forests. After the calming moment, you can enjoy the taste of their BIO P181 cuvée.

Discover more. Like different flower species and how they relate to the floral notes or bouquets or aromas of wines. It’s a rare opportunity in winery exploration in the Champagne region but you will learn a lot. You’ll discover the different varieties of edible flowers.

Currently, the Champagne House of Canard-Duchên is offering these summer activities by slot. To check availability and reserve a Champagne day tour, visit their website.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot in France

When it comes to luxury wines, Veuve Clicquot is one of the first Champagnes that comes to mind. It should also be on top of your list of Champagne tours in France.

Visiting the family estate is a unique experience. The Champagne House offers different tours from learning about the different winemaking methods to visiting their Unesco World Heritage-listed cellars to having a gastronomic picnic, and more.

Things To Do:

Visit Maison Veuve Clicquot’s historic cellars. This is a great way to learn about the Champagne House’s 250 years of history. Harness your creativity and visit the Les Crayères, which are Unesco World Heritage-listed cellars.

During this tour, you will also learn about the unique French know-how of making Veuve Cliquot’s Brut Yellow Label Champagne. The wine is made from a special blend of reserve wines and represents the solaire personality through its iconic yellow label.

Discover the art behind the ​​blended Rosé Champagne. Just like the Brut Yellow Label Champagne, you can also learn about the unique savoir-faire behind Veuve Clicquot’s Rosé Champagne. This wine offers a burst of floral aromas that the most discerning wine enthusiasts love.

Included in the tour is a visit to Les Crayères and wine tasting. You can even request a charcuterie board to pair your wine.

Learn about the story of Madame Clicquot. Madame Clicquot was a 27-year-old woman who took over the House after her husband died in 1805 and went on to create the first vintage champagne in 1810. She also pioneered the riddling table and created Veuve Clicquot’s first blended Rosé Champagne.

(I’m not going to turn this into a spoiler alert, so just pay a visit if you can!)

On this tour, you can visit the Crayères and have a taste of their iconic Brut Yellow Label cuvée in Magnum and prestige cuvée La Grande Dame.

Take on a picnic at Parc du Manoir de Verzy. Seems like taking a picnic with an overlooking view only happens in movies sometimes. Well, the Maison Veuve Clicquot offers a picnic “rosé together” where you can savor a delicious gourmet meal and wine pairings on the lovely grounds of Parc du Manoir de Verzy.

To check their rates and availability, visit their website.

La Maison Mumm

La Maison Mumm

The Champagne House of G.H. Mumm lies in the beautiful city of Reims. If you’re staying in a convenient location and want to take a day Champagne tour in France, G.H. Mumm is easily accessible. The House offers unforgettable experiences that make visitors keep coming back.

Things To Do:

Spend time in the G.H. Mumm’s cellars. There is so much history and tradition to learn here. In the underground chalky caves, you will learn everything about the house’s winemaking techniques and centuries-old artifacts and history through their museum exhibit.

Visit the Champagne tasting room and enjoy your choice of cuvée. If you book the Grand Cru Experience, you can have two tastings of their RSRV cuvées.

Visit the Foujita Chapel. This chapel was built in the 1960s and designed by Tsuguharu Foujita, a painter from Japan. He was also the designer of Mumm’s iconic Brut Rosé cap. Because of this, René Lalou, who ran Maison G.H. Mumm at the time, rewarded him with a land plot near the house Foujita’s chapel.

The chapel visit includes a tasting of the reserve Rosé Foujita cuvée, which is exclusively offered in French or in Japanese.

To check rates and availability, visit their website.

Private Day Champagne Tour in France

Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon

A true pioneer in winemaking, Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk and cellar master, was the man behind the sparkling wines loved by Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill. In fact, he is credited as the inventor of the effervescent wine.

Maison Dom Pérignon is a spectacular house in the Hautvillers near Éperney. It is one of the most prestigious and well-celebrated Champagne houses in the Champagne region, so it is something you may want to include in your Champagne Day tour if you plan to visit France soon.

Things To Do:

Get your first stop at the Abbey of Abbatiale. This is where Dom Pierre Pérignon is buried. Visiting his final resting place is a great way to pay tribute and learn about the man’s story and the brand’s rich history.

Take on a tour through Dom Pérignon’s cellars. You may explore Napoleon’s cellar, which is the cellar master’s dedicated locker. During this tour, you’ll discover more about the history of the creation of the Maison’s fine wines. You can learn about the aging process of the bottles, how vintages are made, and a lot more.

Visit the garden courtyard. Taking a stroll on their garden courtyards includes tasting some of their finest wines.

Visit the cave and cellars. What makes this tour amazing is that as you go down the historic cave and cellars, you’ll be greeted with gorgeous stained glasses. In the cellars, you’ll find thousands of dusty bottles, arranged in row after row of shelves.

You’ll also see a sign of dedication by Napoleon, who was a huge Dom Pérignon Champagne fan. And did you know that the cellar was used during World War I? That is one of the fascinating facts you can learn when you visit the cellars.

Maison Dom Pérignon is currently not open for public visits, but you can book a private tour with third-party sites.

Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon is basically an empire that owns several luxury goods brands including Champagne Dom Pérignon. Nestled in Épernay, the Champagne House boasts a rich history that is worth learning about. 

Besides their luxurious wines, there are several ways to explore this magnificent Maison. From walking through their cellars and terroirs to Champagne tastings, a private tour of the Maison Moët & Chandon is a great way to spend quality time in Champagne France.

Things To Do:

Have a taste of their Moët Imperial and Moët Vintage Champagnes. Explore the cellars and taste Moët & Chandon’s signature wines. On this tour, you’ll discover how to make those champagnes. You should be able to tell the distinctions between the two wines.

Experience the imperial moment. This tour will walk you through the largest Champagne cellar guided by the Maison Ambassador. During the guided tour, you will learn about two facets of the Moët & Chandon style: white and rosé. This means you’ll also get to taste their Moët Imperial and Rosé Imperial champagnes.

Taste their “Grand Vintage” champagnes. Such Moët & Chandon’s wine classification represents one exceptional year. On this tour, you’ll be taken to a private tasting lounge and taste the Maison ”Grand Vintage” Champagnes blanc and rosé.

Discover the secrets of à la Volée disgorgement. Taking on this cellar tour is a great way to experience the Maison hospitality. You get to see cellarman’s spectacular exhibition of an ancestral champagne savoir-faire disgorgement, à la Volée.

You can also enjoy two vintage cuvées that have been aging in the cellar for 14 years. You will also be treated to a third Grand Vintage tasting.

Take a stroll through the vineyards. Drive through Champagne vineyards with breathtaking views. You can then visit the private area of Fort Chabrol to immerse yourself in the region’s biodiversity. Then, enjoy a glass of Grand Vintage, Grand Vintage Rosé. Driving through the champagne countryside (before drinking, not after!) is one of my favorite things to do because the vineyards are so beautiful.

Walk the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. You can take your own self-guided tour by spending a day exploring the Avenue de Champagne. On this street, multiple champagne houses are located close to each other and you can walk between them to do tastings. Just remember to check about scheduling the tastings in advance in case they are busy.

To check the rates and availability of their private tours, visit their website.


How Many Days Do You Need in Champagne France?

It depends on how many wineries you want to visit and the time you want to spend exploring the Champagne region. But you can plan 2 to 3 days for a wine-focused tour. This number of days should be enough to visit the picturesque vineyards and even visit other towns and get to know the locals.

What Is the Most Famous Champagne House?

Moët & Chandon is the most famous Champagne House in the world. It’s the co-owner of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton or LVMH, which sells luxury goods, and also the owner of Dom Perignon. Moët was founded in 1743 and one of its best-selling wines was Brut Imperial, which was introduced to the market in the 1980s.

Is the Champagne Region of France Worth Visiting?

Anyone that has visited the Champagne region would highly recommend exploring the vineyards and cellars. It’s a lush region and full of history, which makes it a wine lover’s dream. You can always take a side tour when you are in Paris.

What Is the Best Season To Visit Champagne?

Summer is the perfect time to explore this region. It’s the best time to stroll through the vineyards, however, it can be crowded during this season. If you want to avoid the crowd, visit around springtime. This time brings mild temperatures and you can explore the blooming vineyards.

You can also visit during the harvest season around August and September to see grapes being picked. If you visit the region during this time period, you get to see the fruit harvest and the starting point of Champagne production. The vineyards also change to stunning gold and crimson shades, creating a picturesque setting.

Final Thoughts

Exploring France’s Champagne region will leave you with fond memories and a deeper love and appreciation for the art of winemaking. So, pack your stuff, book that flight, and take a tour of one of the best Champagne Houses on our list.

If you have more questions about the tours, we’ve added links to their website or you can reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you.