All About Painted Champagne Bottles

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Painted champagne bottles are perfect to further personalize events like weddings and birthdays. If you’re interested, you should first learn everything you need to about this trend.

Painted champagne bottles are personalized champagne bottles for events, gifts, or simple memorabilia. Many suppliers offer this service, often specializing in wedding purposes. They offer their services at varying prices, usually depending on the design and the brand of champagne.

As many suppliers offer the service, you should consider important factors to ensure you purchase work with the best supplier for your needs.

What Are Painted Champagne Bottles?

Painted champagne bottles are exactly what they are – hand-painted and personalized champagne bottles. These are customized and are the best way to personalize any celebration or event.

What are they for?

For weddings, they’re popular gifts for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the wedding party. Some use them to serve the bubbly drink to guests at the head table.

But if you want to make your wedding even more special for you and your partner, you can use one exclusively for your sweetheart table.

These are great gift ideas for birthdays, especially for your parents or significant other. It’s also great as a gift to congratulate someone for a huge milestone like graduating, getting a job, or purchasing their first home.

Gifting someone with a painted champagne bottle is a great way to personalize such a classic and sophisticated gift.

Are There Champagnes That Come in Painted Bottles Already?

No – unfortunately, there are no ready-made hand-painted champagne bottles.

If you want to get this for a wedding or as a gift, your only choice is to find a supplier who provides this special service.

Where to Have Your Champagne Bottles Custom Painted?

Luckily, there are tons of suppliers who provide this kind of service. More often than not, these suppliers specialize in catering to weddings but that’s not to say that they don’t accept orders for other events like birthdays. Here are a few of them:

Each of these suppliers has varying rules and guidelines for placing orders. Check out their sites as linked above and connect with them for any inquiries and design specifics you’d like to get into.

How much are custom-painted champagne bottles?

Prices vary depending on who you’re contracting. But generally, prices can average and vary from about $100 to $300. Of course, you can find suppliers that offer the service at a lower or higher price than we’ve stated.

Prices can vary depending on the artist’s experience, the design and customization, and the brand of champagne. Other fees to consider include shipping fee, if shipping is available.

What Brands of Champagne Are Typically Used for Custom Paint Jobs?

If you look through the sites we recommended above, you will find that there are some common brands they usually offer.

Veuve Clicquot is the most common brand you will find, perhaps because of the glossy label that makes it easier for artists to paint over. La Marca Prosecco and Dom Perignon are also popular and common options.

Though most suppliers provide their bottles of champagne, some also accept orders where you can provide your own. This would mean dropping off or shipping your bottles to the artist for the job.

How to Choose Your Supplier

By now, you’ve realized many suppliers provide this service. Here are what you need to consider in choosing your supplier:


Of course, you’d want to pick the best artist in the list of suppliers you’re considering. Think about the design you’d want painted and if the artist can achieve your vision.


Think about your budget for this part of your event. You can find suppliers with varying price ranges.

Drop off/pick up or shipping

While some suppliers can accommodate shipping, some don’t and only accept drop-off or pick-up orders. If this is the case, find someone local that you can easily drive to and from.

It also depends on your preference – are you comfortable with shipping fragile bottles or would you prefer to pick them up yourself?


Most of the time, these suppliers have a packed schedule. These are hand-painted items so it would take some time to accomplish an order, especially bulk orders.

They would often state on their site their typical timeframe for working on bottles so make sure to plan and pick accordingly.


Painted champagne bottles are all the new rage at weddings, birthday parties, and all sorts of celebrations. They’re the perfect way to further personalize any celebration.

Painted champagne bottles are personalized and hand-painted champagne bottles. Many suppliers provide this service, many of which specialize in weddings. Prices per bottle or order vary depending on the artist’s skills, the design, and the brand of champagne.

Many logistics and factors will affect in picking which supplier will work best for you. This is why you should consult and inquire first before placing an order.