Riedel Champagne Glasses Review

Riedel Champagne Glasses on outdoor picnic table

Champagne requires a great deal of experience and skill to make. It also takes ages to reach its full potential. So, a good wine deserves to be served with the right glassware. The size and shape of the glass can make a world of difference in how you enjoy your drinks.

But do you know that there’s a brand that specializes in crafting different glassware optimized for different grape varietals?

Riedel glasses are specifically designed to enhance the aromatics, textures, flavors, and finishes of wines. The brand is often praised for its knack for bringing out the unique characteristics of different Champagne varieties.

In this post, we will delve into a selection of Riedel Champagne glasses and explore their features. From the classic and elegant Vinum Cuvee Prestige flutes to the eye-catching Rosé glasses, we will cover a range of options to suit your preferences and needs.

About the Brand

Riedel is a household name in many luxury hotels and bars around the world. With a rich history dating back to its foundation in 1756, the brand is credited for being one of the first to recognize and market the importance of a glass’s shape in terms of the taste and aromas of sparkling wines and Champagnes.

Riedel Crystal has been at the forefront of grape varietal-specific stemware since 1958. The brand’s dedication to enhancing the drinking experience makes it a top choice among wine enthusiasts and Champagne lovers alike.

Each glass Riedel makes is carefully designed and crafted to enhance aromas, textures, flavors, finish, and the overall wine-tasting experience. Riedel Champagne glasses are a favorite champagne glass in many high-end restaurants and wineries worldwide.

Let’s take a look at some of their most popular glasses.

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Riedel Champagne Glasses, Reviewed!

Riedel Vinum Cuvée Prestige

Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige champagne flutes

This elegant set of long-stemmed flutes makes a great vessel for highlighting the characteristic, yeasty aromas of Champagnes while maintaining the bubbles. The Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige has almost an equal stem-to-bowl ratio. It’s so well-balanced, which highlights Riedel’s painstaking attention to detail.

Another thing we really appreciate about this pair is that they are tall enough for most occasions. So, if you’re looking for classic and traditional toasting glassware for a wedding or gift, for example, this could be a great bet.

The glasses also offer an adequate surface for pouring bubbly at an 8.11-ounce capacity. Not among the largest when compared to others, but it will certainly do for a typical size pour of Champagne.

We also love the small agitated dot at the base of the bowls. This helps retain the Champagne’s effervescence. The Champagne flute pair is ideal for retaining a distinct yeasty bouquet while highlighting the wine’s creamy texture on your palate.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out their stellar user reviews here on Amazon.

Riedel Extreme Rose

Riedel Extreme Rose champagne glasses

The Riedel Extreme Rosé comes with a charming and eye-catching set of diamond-shaped machine-made glasses. Designed exclusively for rosé wines and Champagnes, the glasses are a wonderful way to introduce their aroma and freshness to your senses.

The diamond shape of this red wine glass set properly guides your drink onto the tip of your tongue. This helps you appreciate its fresh fruitiness while balancing the intense acidity.

With a generous capacity of 11.36 ounces, the glasses will give you ample surface area for longer drinking sessions. This set offers both functionality and style that will bring out the beauty of your favorite rosé, bringing life and color to any tablescape.

Riedel VINUM Viognier

Riedel VINUM Viognier white wine glasses

The Riedel VINUM Viognier is designed for serving white wines. Its clean and timeless design complements both casual and sophisticated table settings. With a generous capacity of 22.9 ounces, it will give you plenty of surface area for longer drinking sessions.

The shape of the wine glass is carefully crafted to bring out the wine’s smooth, supple texture, highlighting the fruit notes and providing a long, balanced finish. Users love that it’s lightweight enough, but not too light that it tips over.

It’s an absolute favorite among Champagne lovers and a great way to dazzle up your home bar!

Riedel Veritas

Riedel Veritas egg shaped champagne glass

A good wine deserves to be served in a perfect vessel. The Riedel Veritas comes with an egg-shaped design. The shape allows the layers of characteristics and aromas of the Champagne to develop and intensify. Its wider rim helps release the delicate nuances of your wines that narrow glasses simply cannot.

A true hallmark of Riedel’s craftsmanship, the glass offers a ‘sparkling point’ that enhances the coveted bubbles in Champagne. This is a great feature for a stunning visual display. Another thing to love about it is that it offers a large capacity of 15.70 ounces, which allows the many aromatics of champagne to develop.

What to expect with the Riedel Veritas?

Users love every sip of their wines on this, appreciating the subtle floral notes, vibrant fruit flavors, and nuanced toastiness. The Veritas wine glasses actually allow you to experience the complexities of Champagne.

Riedel O Wine Crystal

Riedel O Wine Crystal stemless champagne glasses

Stemmed glassware has been a staple for many wine connoisseurs. That said, stemless wine glasses have also taken part in every party and occasion. Their seamless design makes them easy to transport and carry around as well.

When it comes to stemless Champagne glasses, the brand’s O Wine Crystal boasts simplicity with its modern form and practical features. It has an adaptable design that allows it to blend in with any occasion. The sparkling wine glasses also have an ergonomic design and are comfortable and easy to hold.

This crystal glass pair may not look as elegant as your typical stemmed glassware, but for practicality, this pair could make nice “glasses for everyone” at the party. With a capacity of 9.31 ounces, it is ideal for serving light, fresh, and dry Champagnes.

Riedel Performance Champagne

Riedel Performance Champagne glasses

Looking for a pair for your prized sparkling wines? The Riedel Performance Champagne Glasses have a nice egg-shaped profile that helps you appreciate the intricacies of your drinks. These glasses also have fairly wide rims for swirling—this not only aerates your wine but also allows you to explore its nuances.

One of the things we love about these glasses is the way they look. The design is modern yet timeless with a classic tulip shape. But they are also delicate, which adds to the overall drinking experience. We particularly love the strikingly long stem of the glasses, though.

At 13.23-ounce capacity, you have a larger vessel to enjoy your favorite Champagne. These glasses are great if you want to get the aromatics into your senses.

Riedel Ouverture

Riedel Ouverture wine glasses

On the much broader side, the Riedel Ouverture makes a fantastic choice for everyday use. This pair is loved by Champagne enthusiasts that enjoy the aromas and flavors of red wines. The shape of the glasses highlights the fruitiness while balancing the tannins for a delightful drinking experience.

We love how well the bowl and stem are proportioned. The stem is slightly shorter, which is also good for added stability and minimizes the top-heavy feel.

The Ouverture glasses offer a generous capacity of 12.35 ounces. Plus, the wider bowl gives you plenty of room for swirling or savoring a full pour of wine.

Things To Consider

Riedel offers a range of glasses in various capacities, designs, and shapes. Before buying a new set of glasses, make sure to keep these factors in mind:


Material is one of the most important factors to consider, regardless of the brand. Any discerning wine enthusiast knows which type of glass material is best when it comes to durability, clarity, and safety.

Riedel crystal Champagne glasses are excellent if you want to truly appreciate the nuances of your sparkling wine. They are thin enough to highlight Champagne aromas and flavors. But, they are more fragile and pricier than a typical glass material. If crystal glasses are your main choice, go lead-free.

Glass materials are often thicker in construction and can typically withstand a run in the dishwasher (check with the manufacturer). These glasses are less expensive and feel heavier and bulkier in hand. However, they don’t offer the same clarity that crystal glasses do.

However, if you want a really less expensive way to serve drinks, plastic Champagne glasses would be ideal, especially for large gatherings. Besides being cheap, plastic glasses can tip over and won’t break easily.

But it comes without the downside, which is the lack of clarity and drinks. They simply are not that elegant-looking compared to crystal and glasses.


The size and capacity of your glasses depend on the amount of sparkling wine you wish to serve. A Champagne flute can range from 5 to 6 ounces. But to serve a full glass of Champagne, you may go for higher than 6 ounces.

In such a case, a glass may offer a larger surface. So, the shape of your glass is also a factor here.


With Riedel, the shape of the glass matters. One of the best things about Riedel Champagne glasses is that they come in a wide range of shapes designed to suit various champagne varieties, highlighting their unique characteristics.

Most of their flutes are so dainty looking and narrow. Their shape allows you to enjoy the effervescent of your drinks. Flutes don’t let the Champagne bubbles and aromas escape the vessel right away. Since the flutes have narrow openings, Champagne’s aroma goes straight to your senses to really appreciate it.

Riedel tulip glasses, however, offer wider bowls. These glasses also have a slightly tapered top, allowing for a larger surface area. The shape of their tulip glasses allows the aromas of the Champagne to develop. Tulip glasses are great for vintage Champagnes because they benefit from aeration and the release of rich aromas.

The brand also offers glasses with a much wider bowl, which are great for highlighting grape varietals like Chardonnay. However, they may not be what you exactly need if you prefer to retain the coveted bubbles and aromas.


Stem not only serves as a grip, but it also keeps the warmth of your hands from getting transferred to your drinks. It keeps your Champagne cool and fresh for a longer period of time. Plus, the stem keeps fingerprints from the bowl.

Traditional Champagne glasses typically have long stems. Depending on the design, you can choose between a decorative stem and a more modern, sleek design. Vintage-inspired glasses will also come in thicker stems with large bases, which are common in coupes.

Stemless glass, on the other hand, offers better stability and they often have a larger surface area. The downside is that they retain fingerprints. And since you hold the glass, it can warm up your drinks quickly.

Ease of Cleaning

In the modern age, convenience is everything. And if you’re the type who likes to wash dishes and utensils in the dishwasher, you’ll find many dishwasher-safe glasses. That said, you wouldn’t want to throw your glasses to the machine, especially if it’s expensive. It’s always a good idea to just hand wash them.


Riedel is a luxury brand, so expect their glasses to be on the pricey side. Even a set of two flutes cost above $50, and a set at $80 to $180. But then again, most of the time, you really do get what you pay for. While Riedel is expensive, its durability and the craftsmanship put into making them are exceptional.

How To Care for Riedel Champagne Glasses

Washing your precious set of Champagne glasses can be a laborious job. Luckily, many of the brand’s glasses are dishwasher-safe. Caring for your Riedel Champagne glasses requires just about the same level of care you do for any type of glasses. But you can always refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

All of Ridedel’s glasses are dishwasher-safe. It’s an added convenience factor, however, it may still be better to hand wash them. Glasses are delicate, and sometimes, no matter how you handle them, they can break. So, when you hand wash them, make sure to use hot water, a bit of dish soap, and a bottle brush.

If you don’t have the time to do it, go ahead and use your dishwasher. Make sure to place them on the top rack. If there isn’t enough room for larger glasses, you may adjust the rack and lower it. Some dishwashers have this functionality.

It’s also important to avoid excessive use of detergent. This can leave a soapy residue and smell on the glass and your wine. You don’t want to drink Champagne from a soapy wine glass!


What’s So Special About Riedel Glasses?

Riedel Champagne glasses are a favorite among wine connoisseurs due to the range of designs that the products offer. What sets them apart from other glasses is that they are fine-tuned to enhance the aromas, flavor, and characteristics of particular wine varietals.

Is Riedel a Luxury Brand?

It’s considered a luxury brand and can compete with the most famous Champagne glass brands in terms of both quality and design. It’s also a well-loved brand for good reasons. Riedel creates some of the most timeless and elegant glasses you could find in the market.

Why Is Riedel Expensive?

Riedel costs higher than regular wine glasses because they are crafted from premium quality materials. Also, their glasses and decanters are manufactured in Austria. The brand’s long-standing reputation and limited production quantities also add up to the cost.

So yes, they are more expensive than your typical glassware options. But Riedel glasses are some of the best Champagne glasses and are highly coveted by wine enthusiasts. The glasses have served wines in 5-star hotels and restaurants all over the world for many years.

Key Takeaways

With a long history and dedication to craftsmanship, Riedel provides a range of expertly designed glassware that cater to different wine varieties and styles. Sure, they may come at a higher price point. But there’s no denying that the brand offers well-crafted glassware that is well worth investing in.

When choosing the ideal glass for your needs, look into the material, capacity, shape, and stem design. We have done the legwork for you, so feel free to explore the Riedel Champagne glasses we have covered in this post.