Where Do Champagne Glasses Go on a Table?

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As a dinner party host, you don’t want to serve your guests only with food but also with elegance and a good time. Part of hosting includes setting tables, but it might not be easy to decide where champagne glasses go on a table.

Champagne glass placement varies greatly depending on the party you’re hosting and the meals and drinks you’re serving. If you’re serving champagne without other wines, the champagne glass is on the right side of the water goblet. If there are wine glasses, it typically goes between those and the water goblet.

Party hosts arrange their plates, utensils, and glassware in varying ways depending on a lot of different factors. But it’s always good to go back to basics like we do below.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical placement of champagne glasses on a table. Then, we’ll also give you a quick guide on placing champagne glasses along with other glasses.

The Basics of Table Setting

Hosting dinner parties and social gatherings is the perfect way to get friends and families in the same place for some quality time and catching up.

Setting a table for a few people, or more than a few people, can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to it.

In most cases, table settings can be grouped into two categories: formal and informal.

In formal table settings, more utensils, plates, and glasses are spread across the table while informal table settings can get away with much fewer pieces.

Regardless, what you should keep in mind in setting a table is that you only want to place utensils, plates, and glasses your guests will use throughout the meal. You don’t want too much on anything on the table.

Too much can be intimidating for the guests and what you want are comfortable guests. People can’t enjoy their meals if they’re constantly worried about spilling food or knocking things over because their table is cluttered.

Lastly, utensils and glasses should easily be accessible to guests without them having to reach too far to get what they want and need.

Where Do Champagne Glasses Go on a Table?

The placement of champagne glasses on dinner tables would vary depending on your setup and how many types of wine you’re serving throughout the meal.

But to answer this, we’re going to assume that neither red nor white wine is served at your dinner party and only champagne takes its place.

In this case, the champagne flute is placed on the right side of the water glass, which is always approximately an inch above the tip of the dinner knife.

However, in the case that the champagne’s purpose is to accompany a particular course, the champagne glass should be placed according to use and when that particular course is served throughout the meal.

Placing a Champagne Glass With Other Glasses

If you’re serving different wines and champagnes throughout your dinner party, you should also have enough knowledge on placing champagne glasses along with other glasses on the table.

In the case that there are other glasses, other than the water goblet, served at the dinner table along with the champagne glass, placement would be a bit different:

Water goblet

A water goblet is that glass that’s always present in table settings, regardless of whether you’re serving wines or champagnes. Water is the perfect drink to wash down food or clean your palate with for the next course.

The water goblet is always placed closest to the guest’s hand on the right, regardless if they are left-handed. Place the water goblet approximately an inch above the tip of the dinner knife.

Wine glass

Typically, there is only one wine glass in more relaxed table settings. In this case, the wine glass is placed just beside the water goblet, near the guest’s hand.

If you’re serving a multi-course meal with various wines as well, the general rule many prefer is to place the wine glasses in the order that they are filled to accommodate particular courses.

But if you want to be particular about your glassware placement, you can place them as follows:

Red wine glass

Red wine glasses are typically placed beside the water goblet on the right side. If there are other glasses placed in a triangular shape, the red wine glass is on the upper right of the white wine glass, just above the spoon.

White wine glass

White wine glasses are usually placed on the lower left of the red wine glass in a triangular arrangement. If you’re using a diamond arrangement instead, it goes on the lower right of the red wine glass.

Champagne glass

If only champagne is served and no other wines, the champagne glass is placed on the right of the water goblet. But if champagne is meant to accompany a particular dish, then it is served together. In relation to the other glasses, a champagne glass could go between the water goblet and the wine glasses.

Sherry glass

Sherry is served along with a particular dish that has sherry as an ingredient. Sherry glasses are typically placed on the right side of the white wine glass.

Dessert wine glass

A dessert wine glass is only brought out when dessert is served. It usually takes its place on the right side of the water goblet.

Different Types of Glassware Arrangements

When there are multiple glassware pieces on your table setting, there are also various types of arrangements you can try.

There is the straight, diagonal, or curved line arrangement. While some prefer to arrange theirs in a triangle or diamond shape.

But to make things easier, some party hosts either arrange their glassware in the order in which drinks are served or according to the size, with the taller glasses at the back.


Hosting dinner parties is fun and a great way to get friends and family together for a good time. Part of being a good host is making elegant and comfortable table settings, so many wonder where champagne glasses go on a table.

Champagne glass placement varies depending on the dishes you’re serving and how many other drinks are accompanying the meal. But generally if champagne is the only drink served, other than water, champagne glasses are on the right side of the water glass or goblet.

Hopefully this detailed guide on the proper placement of champagne glasses will help you host with confidence. You can reach out to us below for any more questions about Champagne and we’ll be happy to help!