The 9 Best Restaurants in Epernay, France

We explored restaurants in Epernay that serve amazing food and found the following to be the best in the city.

The 9 Best Restaurants in Epernay, France Featured Photo

Located in the Champagne region of France, Epernay is home to some of the world’s best champagne houses and producers. The iconic Avenue de Champagne is here, a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by beautiful champagne houses, manicured courtyards, and lush gardens.

As you probably know, it’s easy to start thinking of food after sampling champagne for hours. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Épernay, France. In this article, we’ll share with you both Michelin-starred and non-Michelin restaurants that we think you must try! 

A Summary of the Best Epernay Restaurants
1. La Grillade Gourmande
2. Cook’In
3. La Table Kobus
4. Le Théâtre
5. Symbiose
6. Why Not
7. Chez Max
8. La Cave à Champagne
9. Lunch Time

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Épernay

1. La Grillade Gourmande – Best Overall

La Grillade Gourmande takes pride in its impeccable presentation and service and is the best overall restaurant on our list.

The chef received his training under two of France’s most well-known chefs: Paul Bocuse and Alain Ducasse. La Grillade received a Bib Gourmand distinction from Michelin, which is only presented to select restaurants with quality food for value. This is a great Michelin marker to look for in a restaurant when traveling and La Grillade doesn’t disappoint. 

One of the main attractions of La Grillade is the dining room fireplace. A lot of the meals, including sea bass, lobster and foie gras, lamb leg, and a range of chargrilled meats, are made over this fireplace. They also have a large selection of champagne, of course.

La Grillade GourmandeLa Grillade is the dining room fireplace

The restaurant is decorated with art and has red walls. Seasonally, they set up an eating space in the garden, which is really nice in the summer.

Location: 16 rue de Reims, 51200, Epernay, France | Website

2. Cook’In – Serves French and Thai Cuisines

Cook’In – Serves French and Thai Cuisines

A pleasant variation from traditional French cuisine, Cook’In offers something a bit different for those looking for variety in Epernay. Cook’In is a Thai/French fusion restaurant with Thai curries and dishes like guinea fowl satay and wok-fried prawns.

Cook’In also earned a Bib Gourmand distinction from Michelin – the food is great quality at an excellent value. A children’s menu is also offered here. 

Location: 18 rue Porte Lucas, 51200, Epernay, France

3. La Table Kobus – Also Serves Modern French Dishes

There is a lot of traffic at La Table Kobus as it is also popular among the locals. The restaurant features a facade that dates back to the 1900s and specializes in traditional French cuisine.

While the decor is inspired by Parisian fin-de-siècle (end-of-century) brasseries, the menu also features contemporary takes on French classics. 

La Table Kobus – Also Serves Modern French Dishes

La Table Kobus is a good place to experience French wine since the restaurant offers a large champagne and wine selection that includes bottles only sold in France.

Location: 3 rue Dr Rousseau, 51200, Epernay, France | Website

4. Le Théâtre – Expect Classic French Dishes

Le Théâtre is a chic restaurant with lofty ceilings that have been elegantly designed in the Art Nouveau style. This brasserie, which dates back to the early twentieth century, is one of the oldest in Epernay.

Le Théâtre – Expect Classic French Dishes

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, Belgian chef Lieven Vercouteren creates meals that are both delicious and traditional, such as the restaurant’s trademark dish of veal kidneys in Meaux mustard.

Other recommended dishes at Le Théâtre include pheasant terrine with juniper berries and tender lamb leg with seasonal vegetables.

Location: 8 place Mendès, 51200, Epernay, France | Website

5. Symbiose


Symbiose is a locally owned dining business managed by a young couple who are eagerly seeking to establish their mark in Epernay through excellent food, wine, and exceptional service. They serve modern French cuisine and feature a three-course menu for a little more than €50.

They also prefer to go all out with the preparation of their food, which gives the restaurant a more upscale vibe. We encourage making bookings ahead of time.

Location: 5 rue de Reims, 51200 Epernay, France | Website

Other Epernay Restaurants That Serve Contemporary French Food and Traditional French Cooking

6. Why Not

Why Not specializes in French classics with a contemporary spin. It serves some incredible appetizers, like the foie gras served two ways, ravioli gratin with shaved truffle, and stir-fryed snails with oyster mushrooms. The main dishes include platters such as lamb, duck, or beef with potatoes cooked in duck fat.

While the atmosphere is relaxed, Why Not still serves up creatively plated food to go with your newly discovered favorite Champagne. It’s a fairly small restaurant, so try to make reservations during busy seasons. 

Contemporary French Food and Traditional French Cooking

Location: 5 Place Pierre Mendès, 51200 Epernay, France | Website

7. Chez Max

Since 1946, Chez Max has represented classic French cuisine in Epernay. This establishment is unpretentious and unfussy, with a simple appearance that many tourists pass by without knowing about the great food waiting inside. The menu at this restaurant has delicious French dishes such as ham, pork tenderloin with Reims mustard, duck breast with Comté cheese quiche, foie gras, and pike perch cooked in red wine.

Chez Max

The location is ideal if you’re traveling with a group of friends or if you simply want some nice French meals in a relaxed setting.

Location: 13 Avenue Alfred Anatole Thévenet, 51530 Magenta, Epernay, France | Website

8. La Cave à Champagne

La Cave à Champagne, which translates to “The Champagne Cellar’, is conveniently located in the heart of Épernay’s town center, next to the Avenue de Champagne. 

This restaurant, which first opened its doors in 1994, is well-known in the neighborhood for its simple champenoise cuisine presented in a classic, bourgeois setting. 

Seminars, business meetings, birthday parties, and other festivities may be held in the restaurant’s three lounges: The Restaurant, Le Petit Salon, and The Grand Salon.

Location: 16 rue Gambetta, 51200 Epernay, France | Website

9. Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Lunch Time is not technically a restaurant, but it’s a terrific option for individuals who are looking for something to take with them. They have a range of lunch options such as pasta salads, poké bowls,  baguettes, club sandwiches, smoothies, and wraps. 

The to-go bistro also serves excellent coffee and juice, and of course, Champagne! This is a great place to stop if you are in a hurry and need something quick.

Location: 43 Rue Général Leclerc, 51200 Epernay, France

Where to Stay in Epernay

Hopefully you’re excited about the stellar food options in this famous and historic mainstay town in Champagne. If you haven’t already picked a place to stay as a base for some delicious meals and wine tastings, make sure to check our guide to hotels in Epernay.