The Ultimate Guide to Champagne Stemware

Champagne is more than just a drink. It is a work of art that takes years to craft to achieve the right blend and balance of flavors and aromas. And serving it in the right vessel can enhance its character and elevate your Champagne drinking experience.

Champagne stemware varies in shape and design. But when it comes to truly enjoying every sip, the flute will be the perfect choice. Champagne flute glasses retain the coveted bubbles, complex flavors, and aromatics that are unique in Champagnes.

That said, we all have different preferences. For a more classic and versatile approach to serving Champagne, a coupe does wonders. If you prefer to try something new, tulip Champagne glasses can be a great option. But wherever your choice is, it’s important to consider craftsmanship and quality more than anything else.

Below, we’re going to explore the most common types of stemware loved by many of our Champagne-loving friends.

The Flute

Let’s start with the staple glass and the most popular of them all: the Champagne flute.

The Champagne flute is the most commonly used stemware today. The tall and slender form of these stemware helps preserve the coveted bubbles in wines. This allows them to float to the surface and puts focus on the Champagne’s unique flavors.

Close up shot of pouring champagne into two champagne flute glasses
Close up shot of pouring champagne into two glasses, detail, bubbles

The Champagne flute’s slim, long form allows for easy and comfortable holding without warming the drinks from your hand’s heat. The holding capacity of Champagne flutes typically ranges from 6 to 10 ounces.

That said, not all of them have the same quality and design. It’s always a good idea to choose one that meets your preferences and needs. Here are a few options:

Tiffany Champagne Flutes

Known for its luxury jewelry collection, Tiffany & Co. also boasts a line of some of the most dainty and elegant Champagne flutes we’ve ever seen. The brand offers premium quality, classic, and some of the best Champagne glasses that are handmade from crystal and are mouth-blown.

Tiffany Champagne flutes are incredibly durable. Well, that would be expected from a brand that specializes in fine-tuned jewelry. Their glasses have a refined look that complements weddings and other formal occasions.

That said, with a high-end brand like Tiffany & Co., you should expect to pay a premium for a pair of their crystal Champagne flutes.

Waterford Champagne Flutes

Waterford is one of the oldest and most reputable brands when it comes to crystal Champagne stemware. They are in the more affordable price range and offer different designs to suit various themed occasions.

You can explore their collection of lead-free crystal glasses, which are entirely handcrafted. Waterford Champagne flutes can range from a pair of “True Love” toasting flutes with inspiring heart cut patterns to modern designs with striking, deep V plunge.

Their crystal engravings, especially, are divine. They are a great way to personalize the bubbly sipping experience. Waterford Champagne Flutes have attended many weddings, parties, and other special occasions, elevating nearly every tablescape and home bar.

Riedel Vinum Champagne Flutes

For a more sleek and modern crystal Champagne flute, Riedel can boast an entire line of some of the clearest stemware on the market. Their Vinum Champagne Flutes, for example, designed in 1986 by 10th-generation glassmaker Georg J. Riedel is a work of art.

The brand is known for its long, narrow, and elongated glasses that help preserve the effervescence of the Champagne. This hallmark of the brand maintains carbonation for a longer period of time. So, unlike a typical flute, the shape of the Vinum glass is quite interesting.

Its egg-shaped design helps intensify the complex layers of wines. And its ‘sparkling point’ helps form the coveted bubbles in Champagne.

You see, Riedel takes a unique approach to wine glass design, focusing on the function of the vessel’s shape and form. Riedel’s champagne flutes are designed to showcase the different characteristics of Champagne, including the delicate aromas, flavor, and acidity.

Plus, it’s one of the best brands to consider if you want a high-quality pair of flutes at a reasonable price.

Vera Wang Champagne Flutes

Vera Wang is quite a name in the fashion industry, especially in the bridal accessory department. It’s almost synonymous with sophistication and when it comes to Champagne flutes, the brand also brings its touch of elegance and style.

While the finest glassware is made entirely from crystal and glass, what we can’t help but love about some of Evra Wang’s collections is the fusion of various materials. Their Love Knots Toasting Flutes, for example, have crystal bowls with a silver-plated stainless steel base that extends to their stems.

When it comes to a pair of fine glassware, Vera Wang Champagne flutes can add a touch of style and luxury touch to any wine. The brand has a range of other matching glasses from its collection.

Swarovski Champagne Flutes

When the brilliance of crystal and the effervescence of your wine are not enough to create a captivating visual display, Swarovski’s Crystalline Toasting Flutes can be a great finishing touch.

Known for its gorgeous and luxury jewelry lines, the brand proves its mastery in elegance yet again with its amazing Champagne glassware. These flutes reflect timeless elegance, blending the allure of Swarovski crystals with fine craftsmanship.

Each pair of flutes are also designed by different designers that work for Swarovski. However, we consider them more of a decorative element in the tablescape than a functional vessel for sipping wine. Their crystalline flutes, especially, require extensive care during handling.

Baccarat Champagne Flutes

Here is one of the oldest manufacturers of fine crystal glassware. Baccarat Champagne flutes are widely recognized for their exceptional quality. Our favorite champagne glass from the brans is the Massena Flute, which is a solid choice for wine toasting.

Baccarat offers an assortment of unique Champagne flutes with designs from vintage cuts to modern glassware. Their Modern and Art Deco designs are consistently popular styles, though.

The Coupe

Also known as Champagne saucers, coupes are on the more vintage side. This type of Champagne stemware was first popularized in France in the 1700s and is said to be inspired by Queen Marie Antionette’s breast shape—but that was later revealed to be a myth.

Champagne coupe glasses are defined by their wide, shallow bowls and broad rims. Their forms are a great way to create a visual display out of your sparkling wine but it wouldn’t last that long. Due to their wide bowl and rims, it makes it easier for the bubble to escape quickly.

Champagne Coupe Saucer Glasses

The same thing happens to the Champagne aroma. But despite the slightly less effervescent experience compared to flutes, Champagne coupe glasses are a wonderful option for appreciating your drinks’ aroma.

The coupe is also versatile. Besides Champagne, it is great for serving other sparkling wines, cocktails, and dessert wines. Plus, they have this vintage feel to them, which can add a touch of classic to any occasion.

The Tulip

Champagne tulip glasses have slightly narrow, tapered bowls and rims, like a blossoming tulip flower. Besides the unique form, these stemware offer various advantages including enhancing the visual display of the effervescence from the Champagne.

Tulip glasses can give you the typical Champagne experience. Their form allows you to enjoy the fresh acidity and aromatic expressions that are unique to the drinks.

Two Tulip Champagne glasses

Champagne tulip glasses may look like flutes, but the two aren’t interchangeable. Tulip glasses are relatively new to the scene. They have a slightly broader bowl, giving you more surface area for pouring. Champagne tulip glasses also have a curvature that makes them distinct from their narrower flute counterpart.

The wider bowl of Champagne tulips still gives way for the aroma to escape, while the tapered rim still helps concentrate it and preserves its freshness.


Which Champagne Glass Shape Is Best?

The best champagne glass is the one that you really love and enjoy drinking from! The shape of flute glasses is considered by many to be ideal for serving Champagne due to the way these vessels preserve carbonation. Champagne flute glasses allow the bubbles to rise in a stream, which helps concentrate the aromas of the wine. However, many serious wine lovers prefer to opt for Tulip champagne glasses to allow more aromatics.

What Are the 2 Types of Champagne Glasses?

Two of the most common types of Champagne glasses are flute and coupe. Both are stemmed but they differ in bowl shape. Flutes are tall, narrow glasses that help preserve carbonation in Champagne. Coupe glasses have wider bowls that allow you to appreciate the aromas of your drink though they are less common today.

How Do You Hold a Champagne Glass Elegantly?

Champagne glasses have stems to keep your hands off the bowl. It’s important to get a glass that feels comfortable to hold in your hand.

The proper way to hold it is by pinching the glass stem between your thumb and index finger or middle finger.  Doing so lets you hold the Champagne glass without warming your drinks or leaving fingerprints on the bowl. Make sure that you’re holding the stem of the glass using a light grip.

Should You Tilt a Champagne Glass?

You can tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle for a controlled and smooth pour. The tilting of the glass minimizes bubble loss while preserving the effervescence and aroma of the Champagne.

Final Thoughts

Champagne stemware comes in different sizes and forms that introduce you to the different ways you can enjoy your drink. From the versatility of the coupe to the elegance of tulips to the modern touch of toasting flutes, there’s something for you.

Make sure to explore a range of designs and styles to suit your needs and personal preference. If you have any more questions about Champagne stemware, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help you.

P.S. – If you’re outfitting your champagne stemware supplies, it’s also a great idea to consider champagne ice buckets to keep your wine cool, or champagne serving bowls that can keep multiple bottle chilled for a party.